Valerian Tea – Mindfulness To Deal with Anxiety


Individuals often drink caffeine-free herbal teas as A way to unwind and/or decrease their anxiety level. Many herbal teas have powerful medicinal properties, and also for lots of herbaceous plants, these medicinal effects include relaxing and side effects consequences. Some herbs have been studied clinically, and show promising signs indicating that they are of use to treat anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder. However, this guide is another way that drinking herbal teas may promote relaxation and lower your anxiety level: through boosting mindfulness.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a concept central in Buddhism and A range of other religious practices. It involves bringing the attention and attention of the mind to the current moment. Mindfulness is often practiced or achieved through structured meditation exercises, which may be as simple as focusing on the breath, or may involve certain thoughts or practices, like the repetition of a mantra. However, mindfulness does not always have to be practiced at the notion of a spiritual setting or a particular, organized action –it is something which could be brought to any action. This guide is all about bringing mindfulness to a particular act, the act of drinking a cup of herbal tea.

Applying and drinking herbal tea to market a mindful state:

The first and most important part of having a mindful herbal tea session is to set aside time to prepare and drink your herbal tea without doing anything else. The objective is to consider and focus on nothing but the beverage, to give yourself a break from the worries and ideas that might be overwhelming you with stress.

Brew Your Valerian Tea, and allow it to steep. It is going to probably be too hot to drink. This is a fantastic thing. If you are drinking the tea in a mug, you can put your hands on the hot cup and feel the heat of the hot tea from the hands, through the mug. Focusing on bodily senses, the input from your senses, will put you in a more mindful state.

Now Focus on the way the tea smells. What does it smell like? Close your eyes. . .allow to experience the aroma of the brewed cup of herbs before you sip it. Breathe in and out slowly. Without even sipping the tea, you may already notice a marked change in your body and mind, as you have become more relaxed by bringing your focus on the present moment.